D. Martello


of the

Scientific Line 1:

A. Ventura


of the Scientific Line 2:

G. Cataldi



of the Scientific Line 4:

L. Martina



of the

Scientific Line 5:

A. Caricato


Local delegate of Technicians, Technologists, and Clericals:

F. Ricciardi

Local delegates of researchers:

M. Primavera and S. Spagnolo


Responsible of the Mechanics technical division:

G. Fiore






Responsible of the Administration service:

C. Gentile






Responsible of the

Computing and Networking research and technical division:

E. M. V. Fasanelli







Responsible of the Electronics technical division:

P. Creti







Responsible of the Prevention and Protection service:

R. Assiro






Local Delegate for Training:

D. De Falco



Local Delegate at the Computing and Networking National Committee:

E. M. V. Fasanelli


Local delegate for Health and safety:

L. Sideli



Local delegate for Technology Transfer:

G. Marsella