The research activities of CSN4, involving around 1,000 scientists from all divisions of the INFN and three of the four national laboratories, regard so-called “Specific Initiatives” and are conducted in close collaboration with the academic world.

The theoretical research carried out by the INFN is of huge international interest. This is borne out by more than 1,200 scientific works and papers published in international journals with referees, the large number of citations and presentations at the most authoritative international conferences. The INFN works in close collaboration with theoretical physics researchers from around the world, in a constant exchange of ideas and experience among the various research agencies and with a significant contribution by young people (post-graduate and/or post-doctoral students), as reflected by some 300 theses and 70 doctoral dissertations produced each year.

In recent years, the INFN has also made a notable contribution to the development of parallel computers, for instance under the APE (Array Processor Experiment) project, of particular interest for research in the field of strong interactions and lattice gauge theories.

National Scientific Committee 4

Specific Initiatives of the National Scientific Committee 4

Light composite (pseudo)scalars at the LHC and future colliders (22-23.01.20)

Il Prof. Giacomo Cacciapaglia, dell’ Institut National de Physique Nucléaire et de Physique des Particules, Lyon, Francia, terra’ due seminari

aula: Giulio Soliani (ex F1) ore 15:30 mercoledi’ 22 Gennaio Light composite (pseudo)scalars at the […]

QCD@Work – International workshop on QCD, Theory and Experiment (22-25.06.20)

Dear Colleague,The 2020 edition of QCD@Work – International workshop on QCD, Theory and Experiment – (X edition of the series) will be held in Lecce (Italy) from 22 to 25 June 2020.The topics are:- […]

Amplitudes and Cosmology, Holography and Positive Geometries (25-31.05.20)

Announcement: 2nd International school on “Amplitudes and Cosmology, Holography and Positive Geometries ”

Dear Colleagues,we are pleased to announce the 2nd International School on “Amplitudes and Cosmology, Holography and Positive Geometries”, to be held from […]

Special Topics in Theoretical Physics

Nell’ambito del Corso “Special Topics in Theoretical Physics” (con lezioni di Marco Guzzi, Kennesaw, Georgia (QCD) 14 ore,
Luigi Delle Rose (U. di Firenze) (Renormalization group) 14 ore, e 3 seminari di Dimosthenis Theofilopoulos sul […]


La rivista scientifica Science Advances pubblica oggi un importante risultato dell’esperimento DAMPE (DArk Matter Particle Explorer), in orbita intorno alla Terra dal dicembre 2015. Si tratta della misura diretta del flusso di protoni cosmici […]