INFN employees, research fellows, and research assistants, may take out for free the RBM health insurance, which may covers also their family members (either living or non-living with) upon payment of an insurance premium. In addition, INFN associates and INFN retired employees may subscribe the RBM policy for themselves and/or their  family members upon payment of an insurance premium.

RBM covers the costs of medical cares and tests undertaken either in public structures of the Italian Health Service (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale, SSN) or in private health structures (both agreed and non-agreed with RBM), both in inpatient and outpatient facilities. RBM covers the costs of medical cares following injuries, illnesses, labour, abortion and miscarriage, and oncological diseases, as well as the cost of diagnostic procedures, hearing aid suppliers, physiotherapy treatments following injuries, dental cares following injuries, and relevant dental cares.

RBM can be subscribed without limitation of age and does not consider any non-insurable person, has an annual maximum coverage, some exclusions, and specific deductibles and franchise clauses for each health cost and type of refund.

In addition to the RBM health insurance, INFN employees and associates may subscribe other policies, including those for working and non-working injuries.


Every application for insurance or benefit, even those considering online submission, must be first sent to the local Administration service.


Forms and useful links

RBM health insurance subscription form and application for refund forms (in Italian, with guidelines)

Information about other policies  (working and non-working injuries, Kasko, RCT/O, fire and theft policy, RBM for foreigner guests, in Italian)