ATLAS Lecce group is taking part to this experiment since its birth in the ’90’s. The group has designed, built, installed and tested the detectors which will give the muon trigger in the barrel region of the apparatus, the Resistive Plate Chambers (RPC). For these detectors we also take care of the cabling and the geometric description, of the data decoding, the monitoring and data quality assessment, as well as timing and performance measurement.  We give a relevant contributions to the study, the development and the performances measurement of the muon High Level Trigge. Last but not least we work on the development of the methodologies and the techniques needed for the Physics Data analysis. In particular we are interested in the discovery of supersymmetric (SUSY) particles and in the measurement of their characteristics (as for eample the spin), as well as measuring some specific ElectroWeak cross sections. A new item regards the Micromegas gas Chambers which will be installed for the Phase I LHC upgrade for which we are designing and building part of the mechanics structure.


High Level Trigger

  • Code and Sample Validation
  • Event Filter Efficiencies
  • Trigger Rates

Resistive Plate Chambers

  • Core Software
  • Offline Monitoring
  • Data Quality Assessment
  • Gas inlets repair


  • Mechanical Design and Prototyping
  • Data Analysis of Cosmic Rays and Test Beam Data
  • R & D on Micromegas

Physics Analysis

  • SUSY: Search for direct scalar stop pair production in final states with two leptons
  • EW Physics: Z+b cross section measurement


  • Parallel processing of ATLAS data on the ATLAS-Lecce Tier3 Cluster using  Proof On Demand package