Mercoledì 13 gennaio ’21 alle ore 16

il premio Nobel Prof. Gerard ’t Hooft terrà un seminario su “Quantum black holes without strings

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Abstract: The quantum states of matter in the immediate vicinity of a black hole can be studied using no other  information than particle theory and perturbative gravity. Things are simplified if we consider the  ‘almost stationary’ black hole, while it absorbs and emits only very light particles. Its own mass is         assumed to be large, compared to the small particles. Surrounding space and time are classical just apart from some tiny ripples. It is given by the Schwarzschild metric.  In the absence of heavy loads of particles this metric is very special, apparently allowing for a doorway to some mysterious parallel universe. The role of this other universe is mysterious until one accepts the idea that it  actually represents the ‘other side’ of the black holes, also referred to the antipodes. Then a beautiful understandable picture emerges of what a black hole is. With a new topological twist in space and time, it shows how particles in its direct neighbourhood interact and evolve, without gaining or losing their identity: the `information”, they represent. But also many new questions and mysteries  emerge.