This is the First Announcement of the International School “Amplitudes and Cosmology, Holography and Positive Geometries ” which will be held in Lecce from 27 May to 1 June 2019 at Ex-Convittto Palmieri, Sala Teatrino.

The school is directed to Ph.D. students interested in the areas of Theoretical particle physics, Cosmology, Gravity, Holography, and Scattering Amplitudes.

There will be lectures on cosmology, scattering amplitudes, holography and the intersection among these fields, including holographic cosmology and positive geometries.

Lecturers: Nima Arkani-Hamed (IAS, Princeton) Daniel Baumann* (ITF, Amsterdam) Jacob Bourjaily (NBI, Copenhagen) Paul McFadden (University of Newcastle) Kostas Skenderis (University of Southampton)

* to be confirmed

Organising Commitee Paolo Benincasa, Pietro Colangelo, Claudio Corianò, Fulvia De Fazio, Luigi Delle Rose, Paul Frampton, Mirko Serino, Kostas Skenderis

School Directors: Paolo Benincasa and Claudio Coriano’

Sponsors INFN Lecce; INFN Bari; INFN Commissione IV; Department of Mathematics and Physics, University of Salento; Provincia di Lecce ____________________________________