From 27 May 2018 to 02 June 2018, at La Biodola, Isola d’Elba (Italy), will take place the

14th Pisa Meeting on Advanced Detectors

Topic of the Conference will include:

  • New ideas on detection techniques
  • Trends in tracking, calorimetry and particle identification
  • Detectors for astroparticle physics and cosmic radiation
  • Detectors for fundamental physics and gravitational waves
  • Neutrino, dark matter and elusive particle detectors
  • Synchrotron radiation, X-ray and photon detectors
  • Front-end electronics and trigger systems
  • DAQ, data management, detector specific software, simulation and data analysis
  • Applications to Life Sciences and other societal challenges (cultural heritage, environment monitoring, homeland security)
  • Technology transfer and industrial applications

The deadline for for grant  application is January 31, 2018, for abstract submission March 18, and for proceeding submission June 15, 2018